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Theremin Discography

TECI Member #9, Gino Robair, has been compiling a list of recordings that include the Theremin. He would like to share and compare notes with anyone doing the same.
Email him at : [ GinoRobair@aol.com ]

Complete TECI Theremin Plans are now available online :

TECI Member #28, & "Consummate Theremin Keener", Jason Barile, creater of the Theremin Home Page, has made available the complete TECI Theremin Plans in ZIP form. Thanks Jason, your efforts are appreciated 8-).[ TECI Plans in ZIP Form ]

Miller #9001 Coils

Miller #9001, Slug Tuned Coils, 40-240 uH, are available from:

electro sonic Inc.
4020 Viking Way
Richmond, BC Canada
V6V 2N2

electro sonic Inc. refers to them as "Experimenter Coils", and they are used in the 1974 update of the 1967 plans. electro sonic sells all of the parts needed to build the 1974/1994 SWTP/OSC/TECI Hybrid Theremin, which includes TECI's modifications. Plans are available from TECI for $10.00. electro sonic has branches world wide.

Theremin Mailing List

Colby Leider, member # 34, has graciously offered to install a Majordomo-type, Theremin Mailing List on his Host. I think this is a great idea and will provide an excellent forum for the discussion of Theremins and related subjects. He wants to garner as much input from the TECI membership as possible and would appreciate your comments and suggestions. A mailing list would also allow our membership to freely interact with the general public, as well as each other. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT !!Send Comments to -
[ colby@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu ]


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