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Dear fellow Theremin Enthusiasts:

This page has long since been supplanted by the Levnet Mailing List

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New Theremin Player's Documentary in the making

Classical Thereminist and Video Documentary Maker, Ross Marshall, is in the process of making a Theremin Player's Documentary and is looking for Theremin pieces by players to go into the video series. He is also looking to include any video of Theremin Product's. Members are welcome to send him your best performances (in VHS or HI-8 format). You can check out his web site at [ Plutonium Films Distribution ] for additional details or a catalogue of his tapes. Vol 1 in the series is titled "Theremin: The Stringless Violin" (60+ minutes - $39.95 postpaid). Ross is also looking for material on Paula Mary, a 1950's Theremin player. Email [ Pluto Films ] if you can help.

Thierry Rochebois - TECI Member #19 needs Photo's for his Theremin Article

[ Thierry Rochebois ] has been asked to write an article on Theremin's for the French magazine "Keyboards", to be published in March, along
with an interview with Jean Michel Jarre who speaks about the Theremin. Thierry is hoping TECI members can send him a picture of a "Cool and Modern Theremin" as well as an "antique model" to be published with his paper. Whoever provides him with the photo's will be cited in the article.
If you have any you might want to send, please be expeditious as he only has a month before he has to get it in. Please email him for details.

Rosalyn Tureck's 1932 Theremin Recital

Rosalyn Tureck, the world famous Bach pianist and former student of Leon Theremin, gave a Theremin recital at Carnegie Hall in 1932. Read about her first hand account of her time with Theremin at [ Rosalyn Tureck, the Theremin and Electronic Piano ]

Upcoming Theremin Demonstration on CBC Radio's - Faites Vos Gammes

[ Peter Pringle ] advises TECI that he has been asked by CBC Radio Canada to demonstrate the Theremin on a program called FAITES VOS GAMMES. This is a weekly show hosted by the classical violinist Angele Dubeau (wife of the owner and president of Analecta Records). Since it will be shown nationally, he'll let TECI know when it will be aired. They will likely tape sometime before Christmas, so the air date may be sometime early in the new year. Peter has asked the Spanish composer Jose Evangelista (the composer-in-residence with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra) to write him an original composition for theremin to perform on the show. Stay tuned for details !!!

"Elysian" Midi compatible Theremin in publication

Everyday With Practical Electronics Magazine (UK) has moved to a larger office, and they now have a [ web site ]. They currently have their new 'Elysian' Midi-compatible thermin in publication at this moment so be sure to check it out.

Method for the Theremin - Book I : Basics

The Tactus Press has recently announced the addition of a new series of books called the "Thin Air Series". The first book in the series is METHOD FOR THE THEREMIN BOOK I : BASICS. The book is planned with idea that the reader/student has previous basic music training, can read simple written music and has the ability to recognize major and minor scales and their intervals. The book sells for $20 plus $4 shipping and handling in the USA or CANADA. You can get more information or purchase the book from:

The Tactus Press
P.O. Box 9704 - Dept. T1
Austin, TX 78766-9704

Wanted - RCA Theremin !!!

Paul Taub is looking for an original RCA Theremin in good playing condition, to replace one that had been in his family since the 1920's and was lost in a tragic accident. Email [ Paul Taub ] or phone him at (206)726-5032 if you can help.

Samuel Hoffman Theremin for sale !

Gary S. Hoffman, son of the notable thereminist Samuel Hoffman, is offering his father's historic theremin for sale. This is the same theremin seen and heard in the documentary "Theremin: An Odyssey", heard in countless 50's science fiction movies ("The Day the Earth Stood Still", "The Red House", "The Lost Weekend" etc), and the same one used to record on many popular albums, including the Lex Baxter series.

This theremin is one of the 200 theremins built in 1929, and is unique in that it has a full standing mahogony case instead of the familiar box on 4 legs. It stands 5' 4" and has been kept in immaculate condition.

This is an historic instrument with an illustrious past. Anyone having a genuine interest in the purchase of it should contact Mr. Hoffman at:

Mr. Gary S. Hoffman
7815 Kitty Hawk Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 649-3935 - This also serves as a fax number.

Theremin Festival in Honor of Lucy B. Rosen

[ Ira B. Kraemer ] of [ Ira B. Kraemer & Company - Fine Violins ] recently e-mailed a proposal to the Caramoor Music Festival concerning the establishment of a Theremin festival in honor of Lucy B. Rosen. To date there has been no response. On the suggestion of Jason Barile, he is requesting that all interested members contact Caramoor in support of his suggestion. Ira lives about an hour drive from the location of the festival and would be willing to drive up and meet with the administrators of Caramoor as a representative of all who are interested. Please contact Ira for information on contacting Caramoor!

Terpsitone Experimentation

[ Glenn Manuel ] has built a theremin and plans to use it to provide "sound" for improvisational dance, similar to Mr. Theremin's Terpistone. He is experimenting with the size, shape, and placement of the antennas and would appreciate any info anyone might have about dancing with a theremin.

Glenn Manuel                    Home: (214) 231-5639
424 Bedford Dr.                 Work: (214) 997-5419  FAX: (214) 997-5482
Richardson, TX 75080                  gmanuel@ti.com
(member # 134)

Out of Thin Air: Theremin and the Age of Ether

[ Albert Glinsky ] is busy updating and revising his book ... "Out of Thin Air: Theremin and the Age of Ether", for publication and is soliciting materials to be added to it. Please contact him if you can be of assistance. For further details, check out
[ Albert's TECI Page ] or [ Albert's AOL Home Page ]. Albert is also conducting regular "Ace Detective" type queries to solicite specific Theremin related information. Check out [ Albert's Ace Detective Query ] if you want to help.

RCA Theremin Registry

[ Jason Barile ] has started an [ RCA Theremin Registry ] at the Theremin Home Page. Jason informs us that, according to Dr. Moog, 500 RCA Theremins were made and Dr. Moog estimates only half of them remain. Apparently ma ny of them didn't have serial numbers either. If you own or have knowlege of an RCA Theremin, drop Jason a line and get on his list. The registry will make a great resource for RCA restoration projects and owner/user networking.

AR-1264 Theremin restored!!

[ Janet Moe ] has advised TECI that the Pavek Museum's RCA Victor AR-1264 Theremin has been fully restored and is working beautifully. Janet's husband has made a speaker for it based on the ones in the picture 's of Leon & Clara. They have also started a Theremin restoration fund at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting to offset the costs of restoration and upkeep. Any contributions are appreciated and are tax deductible. Send your donations to:

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
3515-17 Raleigh Avenue
P.O. Box 16030
St. Louis Park
Minneapolis, MN USA

Leonardo Music Journal celebrates Termen's 100th anniversary

[ The Leonardo Music Journal ] is publishing a special section devoted to Leon Theremin, guest edited by [ Bulat Galeyev ], and currently planned for the "Leonardo Music Journal - Volume 6 (1996)", in celebration of Leon's 100th anniversary. Bulat has requested TECI's assistance in finding materials for publication, relating to Leon's stay in America from 1927 to 1938. Any pictures, articles etc. that our members may have would be greatly appreciated. If any of our members is up to writing an article reviewing the Theremin movie, Bulat will publish that as well and include kudos to his sources. Bulat has provided the following outline of articles to be published :

Geleyev (Russia) - introduction to the section.
Nesturkh (Russia) - development of Termen's ideas in Russia (USSR).
Lydia Kavina (Russia) - my experience with the Theremin.
Henke (UK) - Termen in the UK.
Sauer (Germany) - List of pieces for Theremin, discography.
Linnik (Russia) - Review of "Termen - Russian Faust" by Galeyev.
Miscellaneous - informational materials on electronic music studios in Russia and books devoted to Termen.

If you can assist Bulat in any way please contact him at the above email address or contact [ TECI ]

Electronics - Music - Light

[ Bulat Galeyev ], Ph.D. in philosophy, professor and director of the Institute for Experimental Aesthetics "Prometei" in Kazan Russia, advises the institute plans holding a conference devoted to Leon Theremin , in Kazan during October 7 - 11 entitled Electronics - Music - Light. Contact Bulat for additional information.

Big Briar Theremin Kit

Bob Moog's company Big Briar is now offering a Theremin kit which includes a copy of the Bob Moog produced video Lydia Kavina - The Complete Theremin Video as well as the Delos CD
Clara Rockmore "The Art of the Theremin".

Big Briar can be reached at 1.800.948.1990 or Fax to 704.254.6233

All Music Services

All Music Services is a record and CD special order & search service in
San Francisco and has a number of CD's which might be of interest to TECI members.
They have the Clara Rockmore - Art of the Theremin CD available and can get copies of a limited edition CD featuring three classic Theremin 10" LP's from the 50's entitled .......
"Music out of the Moon, Music for Piece of Mind, & Les Baxter's early Perfume Set to Music", as well as a number of easy listening & exotica LP's.

Contact Michael at allmusic@shell.wco.com
All Music Services
530 14th St., Suite 9
San Francisco, CA USA 94103
Ph: (415)864-8222
Fax: (415)864-7222

Be sure to visit Ubu Web during your Theremin Quest...

CREATED: alt.music.makers.theremin

From: jbbarile@vuse.vanderbilt.edu (Jason Blue Barile)
Date: 1995/11/11
MessageID: 481fr6$dbp@news.vanderbilt.edu#1/1
distribution: world
organization: Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, Nashville, TN, USA
newsgroups: rec.music.makers.synth,sci.electronics,rec.music.makers.builders,comp.music
originator: jbbarile@c3po

Hello all!
The newsgroup, alt.music.makers.theremin, has been created to serve as
a forum for discussion for those interested in theremin, building
them, playing them, hearing them, etc... Hope to see you there!

[ Head to Deja News and search for Theremin !!! ]

Orion Pictures Theremin Page is back

Orion Picture's Theremin movie page is back online at a new URL and has been updated some-what, click on The Theremin Movie and check it out.

December Popular Electronics

Congratulations to Bob Sexton and Jason Barile who are written up in the December 1995 issue of Popular Electronics. Its great to see these Web Sites get some recognition. A special thanks to Dan Karagiannis for mentioning TECI in his column Net Watch. Be sure to pick up a copy and checkit out.

Popular Electronics
500 Bi-County Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY, 11735

Boston/Cambridge - Theremin Mecca ??

James Coleman, TECI #32, performed with his Big Briar 91A at the Boston Film Festival's premiere of Theremin: An Electronic Oddyssey. He was invited back for the post festival run, where he performed with his digital rig, including a Lexicon Jam Man & an Ensoniq DP4 after the film's presentation on Sept. 28th & 29th, 1995.

The Wire

[ Mark Sinker ], TECI # 84, has written a brief history of Theremins and similar early 20th century electronic instruments which can be found in the UK music magazine The Wire, Adventures in Modern Music, (#139, September 1995). Mark is the author of numerous other articles on non-mainstream music. He also has a book coming out this year entitled The Electric Storm, a critical history of music and technology, from Edison to techno. For article information contact :

The Wire
45-46 Poland Street
London UK, W1V 3DF
t: 0.171.439.6422
Email : [ The Wire ]

The Video Theremin

The latest Theremin development: [ The Video Theremin ], Theremin meets the Amiga. Check it out !!!

PAiA's Theremax Kit

[ PAiA Electronic's ] advises their Theremax Kit is now available and they are accepting orders for delivery .

Parts kit - US$ 88.75, Case - US$ 77.25

John Paia Simonton
PAiA Electronics Inc.
3200 Teakwood Ln.
Edmond, OK 73013
Phone: (405)340-6300
Fax: (404)340-6378
[ honcho@paia.com ]

UK Theremin Constructors Page

[ Jonathan Spanier's UK Theremin Constructors Page ] has information on the Everyday with Practical Electronics Theremin project plus others (duplicated in a different format) and works on HTML+ compatible viewers. It seems the UK is becoming a HOTBED of Thereminism these days. Keep up the good work Jon.

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