Theremin Plans and Reference Material

  1. Barry and I have built 2 Theremins (TECI # 1 & TECI # 2 SWTP Hybrids) using plans that came with a kit Theremin, dated 1974 offered by S.W. Technical Products. Ours is an update of the 1967 plans and features potentiometer tuning for the coils and a master volume control. We got the plans from the Ontario Science Center and the theremin's work extremely well. We modified the SWTP design by using Miller #9001 coils, flat aluminium plates for antennas, and a resister pad network to lower the output amplitude. Our cost for parts was $200 Can. This seems to be average for home made units. Copies of these plans are available and we will mail them for $10 US to recoup our reproduction costs.

  2. Popular Electronics April 1955 contains the plans for a tube model Theremin. It is difficult to build as you need to wind your own coils and build a fairly complex power transformer. We know of one attempt at this recently, Dave Eley of Surrey BC, but the unit never did work properly.

  3. Electronics World Jan. 1961 contains a transistor Theremin designed by Moog. We tried to build this, but we were unable to find many of the parts. Member #25 has built one and mentions it works well and was very easy to tune, (1000 times easier than the 1967 model .. Tks Bob, I can believe it).

  4. Popular Electronics Nov. 1967 has plans that can still be built. The coils you need are Miller # 9001 40-240 uH. This is the plan that was available on the internet at Lepers Schematics.

  5. Radio and Television News magazine October 1949 also has tube model plans.

  6. Everyday With Practical Electronics magazine, September 1995.

  7. Superior professional quality Theremins are available from Big Briar Inc in North Carolina USA.

  8. Updated SWTP plans are also available online at the 144 Theremin site.

  9. A Theremin Kit is being marketed by PAiA Electronics Inc., and is called the Theremax. Check out the PAIA website for details.

  10. Mr. Theremin has a great DIY Tube Theremin site.. Check out Mr. Theremin for details.

  11. Pavek Museum of Broadcasting Theremin page has RCA related Theremin documents...

  12. Mississippi State University ECE's Theremin project (well documented)... http://
    (Additional data analysis is here)

  13. Click here for Theremax mods and related info at Fred Nachbaur's Theremin web site.

  14. click TubeschemBW.gif for a tube Theremin schematic from Radio & Television news.

  15. Theremin World's comprehensive schematics page can be found at Theremin World

  16. A variety of Theremin schematics can be found at Discover Circuits

  17. click for Theremin related documents at CiteSeer.

  18. Follow this link - to view the PGSS Physics team Theremin project in PDF format.

  19. Silicon Chip's Theremin Projects - Silicon Chip Theremin.

  20. Various Theremin related design specs - RS Theremin.

  21. Blog of a first time Theremin build - Adventure in the remin.

  22. Linux Journal article on how to turn a wireless network card into a simple Theremin - Poor Man's Theremin.

  23. Digital & Analog Theremin Design's from the University of Glasgow Physics Dept.

  24. Tube Theremin Design Mods by Kendrick Sellen

  25. Construction of a Keppinger Design Theremin

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